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3 Hole Hand Grips

3 Hole Hand Grips

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Genuine leather in the tan and grey and a thinner suede leather in the black, featured with a custom wrist strap which is designed for comfort and support positioned under the buckle.

DO NOT use or chalk these grips until you ensure the grips are the correct size, please keep in mind that you cannot return the grips once they have been used.

Sizing instructions:

  1. Find your hand/wrist connection, is the point to start measuring from.
  2. Be sure your hand and fingers are totally straight and flat.  DO NOT cup your hand or stretch your fingers backward.
  3. Measure from the wrist/hand connection (where you see the crease) to the base of your middle finger. Be precise and don't round up or down.

Please see last image for size guide. If between sizes, go up to next size. The leather grips will stretch slightly.

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