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Motus x Calicure 5 in. Callus Stick

Motus x Calicure 5 in. Callus Stick

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Each CALICURE is ergonomically designed to gently sand down hand calluses to prevent rips. Can be used wet or dry.

100% Waterproof, 100% Recyclable, 100% Made in America

Use weekly and as needed for rip free hands. Guaranteed to work as described.


1) Its size. 
The diameter of our product allows the athlete to easily get into tight areas in which the larger competitors can't as effectively.
2) Grit. 
The grit of our sandpaper is more aggressive which means longer lasting. Designed to last a minimum of 12 months before needing replacement.
3) Waterproof. 
Our product is totally waterproof so get it wet. Use it dry or in the shower. Matter of fact, when using wet, it files away the excess callus and cleans it at the same time. 
4) Price.
We’re easy on the wallet.
5) Ease to travel.
By using non-metal, non -toxic PVC plastic as our base, its very lightweight and will not get taken away as a lethal weapon when traveling in your carry on luggage.
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